Welcome to Rossi Winery



The Rossi family produces their wines from own grapes grown across 12 hectares of self-planted, modern and carefully groomed high quality vineyards located on nine locations around Bajkini village: Kod škole, Liškovac, Brzomilo, Brianovica, Finida, Konopišće, Babušea gornji, Babušea donji, and Monte d`Oro.

This territory is unique for its four types of soil on a narrow strip of land: red, grey, black and white. Each of them gives a special note to a variety growing from it. In addition, different soils compensate for weather conditions. As a rule, white and grey soils give better yield during dry years, while the red soil is more giving in rainy years. Thus, different types of soil are a balancing factor preserving the quality of harvest.

The skill of working with vines is passed down from one family generation to another.


At the very entrance to the winery there is a rustic tasting hall with some 40 seats in which guests can enjoy the wines and distillates as well as taste typical Istrian delicacies such as prosciutto and cheese.

Visitors are accompanied by an experienced sommelier, who can give them a tour of the entire winery. Behind the tasting hall is the wine boutique featuring winery and distillery products. Then follows the winery in the true sense of the word. First the hall in which wines age in oak barrels and then a large hall in which young wines are vinified in inox barrels.

More information on modern technology used in the winery and specific characteristics of production is available during a guided tour.

The Rossi family produces about 100,000 litres of wine a year. About 4/5 of said volume is sold domestically – in Istria, Kvarner, Zagreb and Dalmatia. Demand increases along the coast in high season, and in Zagreb and Rijeka during winter. Wine is exported to numerous countries (Slovenia, Montenegro, Serbia, Austria, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Ireland, United Kingdom and China). As the product quality is increasingly recognized and in demand, the export qualities have been continuously growing year after year.


Wines produced by the Rossi family are best representatives of what can be called a combination of tradition and the new approach to winemaking. Their special almost amatory relationship to traditional, indigenous Istrian wine varieties is what makes their products especially interesting. The Rossi family is truly trying to transform homegrown grape varieties into wines which are enjoyed all over the world.

Osobitost ovoga terroara je da se na vrlo uskom području nalaze čak četiri vrste zemlje: crvena, siva, crna i bijela. Svaka zemlja daje osebujnu notu pojedinoj sorti vina koja iz nje raste, a osim toga različita tla kompenziraju vremenske uvjete. Sušne godine u pravilu daju bolje prinose s bijele i sive zemlje, a kišne godine s crvene, te su razne vrste tla tako uravnotežavajući faktor koji čuva kvalitetu berbe.

The winery uses modern grape presses and crushers to start the fermentation of picked grapes in the shortest time possible and without any waste.

After fermentation, all young wines are decanted and vinified in cooled inox barrels.

Malvazija Templara and Chardonnay have the longest maceration and the stirring period on coarse lees. After fermentation, wine is not immediately decanted but it stays in the same barrel and is stirred with the lees for six months.

After fermentation, all red wines are macerated for about 5-6 weeks in carefully monitored conditions. This is a sensitive process avoided by most wine makers in view of a risk of wine becoming bitter if it is macerated a bit longer than necessary. However, if done property it produces a maximum of a variety`s specific taste. It is then pressed and aged in wood.

Afterwards, wine bottles are filled, sealed and labelled along the automated line.

During the final production cycle, wines age for a specific period of time in bottles to reach optimum quality.


The offer of the Rossi family wines includes traditional Istrian wines: Istrian Malvasia, Yellow Muscat, Teran, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Rosé.


The limited edition of Malvazija Templara is a Grand Cru of the Rossi family, malvasia produced from 50-130 year old grape vines located on the Finida micro location, on the hills along the 'Božje polje' church where once used to live the knights templars known for their wines.