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Teranetto (liqueur made from teran wine)

Fine liqueur from Istrian terana, reinforced with terano and enhanced by maceration of forest fruit. This product that has a bright future and the pretense of being an "Istrian port" has a lovely ruby ​​red color with purple luster, clear and partly dense. Its scent is pronounced, with the high quality notes of the fragrance, and the quality of the scent is fine and pleasant. On the nose dominate the notes of brandy cherry, then a small note of dried figs in brandy, then a light note of chocolates filled with liqueur and notes of dried plums, with little vanilla. By the complexity of the scent this liqueur is rich and rounded. The baby boy is cute, warm and pleasantly warm, but at the same time soft. On the other hand, it has a typical terano freshness with teran tannins, but there is also a mild tsp of brandy and salty saliva. The liqueur is balanced because of the good balance between warmth and freshness, the intensity of the taste is expressed and lasts long in the mouth with a delicate endemic finish. Teranetto is a full body of fine quality, harmonious and so young, but it is a great future for him.



Serve at a temperature of 16-18 ° C with a cake of forest fruits and chocolates.


The Rossi family offer of Istrian rakija includes Biska (made from mistletoe), Erba luigia (traditional komovica with citrus), Medenica (honey), Travarica (herb), Loza Muškat žuti (yellow muscat grape), Komovica Malvazija istarska (Istrian Malvasia grape pomace), and Teranetto liqueur made from teran wine.