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Loza Muškat žuti (yellow muscat grape)

The traditional Istrian grape is carefully crafted from the finest grape of Yellow Muškata. It is crystal clear and transparent, characterized by a pleasant scent of scent of masculine grapes and still has a sense of meadow flowers and notes of pear and apple. The aroma is aromatic and very durable and harmonious. The taste is dry, soft, warm, delicious.

Muškat žuti


Serve at a temperature of 8-10 ° C with fish carpacas and fish salads.


The Rossi family offer of Istrian rakija includes Biska (made from mistletoe), Erba luigia (traditional komovica with citrus), Medenica (honey), Travarica (herb), Loza Muškat žuti (yellow muscat grape), Komovica Malvazija istarska (Istrian Malvasia grape pomace), and Teranetto liqueur made from teran wine.