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Nostromo Wine Gin is homage to Istrian seamen who set off into the world in the late 19th and early 20th century. Loyal to its bosun title, Nostromo is not only a globetrotter but also a returnee. Its acquired experience and spices from five continents now enrich the most precious it has at home – premium Istrian wine. This is how Nostromo Wine Gin is made, a unique combination of the best that the world and Istria can offer.

The Istrian terroir of this distrinctive beverage is primarily visible in the eight times distilled Malvasia Istriana. If you choose to set off on a journey of taste, you will discover the layers of carefully chosen notes. You will first be greeted by the scent of juniper, coriander and orange peel followed by notes of dried flowers and liquorice as well as traces of anise. The warmth and fullness of taste immediately reflects the top-varietal character of gin, while the pleasant bitterness with a hint of star anise aftertaste is an adventure which continues to linger and is remembered.

This is our Nostromo. Premium gin made from premium Istrian wine.





The Rossi family offer of Istrian rakija includes Biska (made from mistletoe), Erba luigia (traditional komovica with citrus), Medenica (honey), Travarica (herb), Loza Muškat žuti (yellow muscat grape), Komovica Malvazija istarska (Istrian Malvasia grape pomace), and Teranetto liqueur made from teran wine.